BIMcloud Enhancements

Personalize BIMcloud’s Login page with Company Logo

Add your company’s logo to BIMcloud’s login page to personalize it for your employees.


Monitor BIMcloud’s Resources through Browser-based BIMcloud Manager

BIMcloud has been extended with resource monitoring capabilities.

Easily readable charts and filters show the current load level of the different components.

Use the historical data to investigate past events and figure out what caused a slowdown at a given time.

Filter the activities based on the selected chart areas to figure out the connections between the user events and the resource peaks.


Use a Single BIMcloud Server for all ARCHICAD Versions

A single BIMcloud Server v21 can work together with v19, v20 and v21 ARCHICAD versions.

Host all projects on a single server and completely uninstall earlier BIMcloud Server versions.

Saves you time and money by reducing the required hardware resources and simplifying server management tasks.

Future BIMcloud versions will be able to update this server in place, without further migration steps.

Automated BIMcloud Backups Based on a Schedule

Along with the existing project and library snapshots, it is now possible to create a complete backup of the server. This backup can be triggered manually, or per a pre-defined schedule. The server can remain in use while the backup is in progress.

The Server Backup contains all the data and configuration information, so it can be easily restored to a different hardware in case of emergency.


Notify Users by Email from BIMcloud Manager

Now the Server Administrator can send any message to any or all users from BIMcloud Manager. For example, to notify users of a planned server maintenance activity.

Just go to the Users page, select any or all users, and click Send email.

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