MEP Custom Settings Panel

Insulation: Check this box if you wish to include an insulating layer on the element’s outside surface. Then enter the insulation’s Thickness value in the field below.
MEP System: If all the connection ports of this element (e.g. a Duct) are used for a single purpose, then the General Settings tab page contains the MEP System pop-up. Use it to assign an MEP System (defined at Options > Attributes > MEP Systems) to this element, or else leave the value as “Undefined.”
Typically, you will use these controls if you want to override the MEP System attributes assigned to this element.
Wall Thickness: This is the thickness of the MEP element’s wall.
Connection Type: Choose a Connection Type as applicable. For example, a ductwork element’s connection can either be simple or flanged. If you choose Flanged, enter a value for its width in the field below.
MEP System: If the element is generally used with multiple MEP systems (e.g. heating/cooling), then the MEP System pop-up is found on the Connections tab page. Use it to assign an MEP System (defined at Options > Attributes > MEP Systems) to the currently selected connection. (In contrast, single-function elements – such as bends – are assigned a single MEP System attribute on their General Settings tab page.)
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