Set Routing Preferences

Set the desired options on the MEP Routing palette (Window > Palettes > MEP Routing) These options can be changed in the midst of a routing operation, so that each element can use separate options.
Choose a Construction Method by clicking on one of the four icons. (Can also be set in the Tracker.)
Every routing operation begins at the elevation set as “Constant Elevation” (the horizontal arrow). Once you click in the window to begin routing, you can switch to another construction method if you want to change the routing elevation as you proceed. (See Vary Elevations During Routing.)
Choose an MEP System attribute for this Routing operation.
Reference Line location: Choose one of the nine points in the Routing palette to define the location of the reference line of the routed elements. (The Reference Line is relevant only during a Routing operation, and indicates the anchor point of the routed elements when you click on screen to place them.)
Choose a Layer on which to place the routed elements.
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