Start Routing by Placing Junction on a Placed MEP Element

Click Start Routing on the MEP Routing palette
The Insert Junction Element dialog box appears. Choose the type of junction you wish to insert (e.g. Duct Tee, Duct Takeoff, Duct Wye), then click OK. (The possible junction types vary depending on whether the clicked element is a Duct, a Cable or a Pipe.)
If you place a Duct Wye junction, you must click twice:
If you place the Duct Take-off in Floor Plan:
Similarly, if you place the Duct Tee in Floor Plan, Guide Lines will prompt you to click to define the angle at which to continue the next routing element.
Note: Several MEP elements placed at varying elevations can appear, on the Floor Plan, to have connection points that coincide. If you begin routing by clicking on one of these connection points, you will be prompted to choose the connection port you want.
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