Create Custom MEP Part

Note: The MEP Connection object is located in the MEP Library. (You can use the Library Part search function to locate it.)
Use the Design > MEP Modeling > Save 3D Model as Custom MEP Part command (also available from the MEP Toolbar).
In the appearing Save Library Part dialog box, enter a File Name for your new MEP object, which will be saved in your project’s Embedded Library, or another library designated by you.
Note: The available subtypes in this list depend on the number and type of MEP Connection objects you placed in the custom MEP part. If your custom MEP part has only a single Connection, the equipment and in-line subtypes (which require multiple collinear connections) are not available here. Also, if you placed an MEP Connection that is set to Pipe type in its Settings dialog box, then the Duct subtypes are not available.
Click Save. The new MEP object is now located in the library folder to which you saved it, and is accessible from the Tool settings of the chosen subtype.
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