Uninstall ARCHICAD

The Uninstall Wizard will remove files which were installed by the ARCHICAD Installation Wizard. If you have more than one ARCHICAD installed, you may want to leave the CodeMeter and associated components installed on your system.
If your driver(s) were installed in the course of installing ARCHICAD 20, the uninstaller includes a checkbox option: Remove hardware license driver(s). Make sure this option is unchecked if you do not want to remove your driver(s), particularly if you still have other ARCHICAD versions installed with which you will continue to work.
The uninstaller will not remove any files you have created in the ARCHICAD main folder e.g. ARCHICAD project files that you saved into the ARCHICAD main folder.
Important: Do not remove the Java Runtime Environment before uninstalling ARCHICAD.
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Silent Uninstall

For both Windows and Mac, a silent mode is available for uninstalling ARCHICAD. Use this mode to run the uninstall process from ...