Project Structure (Navigator)


One of the most powerful capabilities of ARCHICAD is the Navigator, which provides overview and control over even very complex project structures and extensive documentation sets. Moreover, the combined use of Navigator, Hotlink Manager, Xref Manager and Drawing Manager allow the project architect to continuously monitor the status of not only the main project file but also the external files linked into it.
Note: As of ARCHICAD 20, most essential Navigator functions are available from the pop-up Mini-Navigator. To access all the functions, including Publisher and managing views/drawings between projects, use the full Navigator Palette (open it from the Mini-Navigator).
The Navigator serves several basic functions in the project workflow:
The Project Map allows navigation in the BIM model.
The View Map stores different views of the model organized by various categories.
The Layout Book provides access to the entire project documentation.
The Publisher (Navigator Palette only) is the primary tool for communicating the BIM project data in printed and electronic format, including DXF-DWG and PDF.
Modes of ARCHICAD’s Project Navigator
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