Note on the BIMcloud Solution

While the BIM Server – available with ARCHICAD – works perfectly at smaller scales where no extensive collaboration over multiple offices is needed, the BIMcloud provides the ideal solution for complex company/project requirements where scaling, data security and advanced team and project management are mission critical.
The keystone of this concept is the client-server technology. In ARCHICAD, this consists of the GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud/BIM Server, and ARCHICAD as a client. The intelligent server application maintains the complete and up-to-date BIM model of a project. Team members work on local computers and regularly send and receive project changes between the server and their local ARCHICAD. During send and receive, only modified elements of the project are sent over the network, rather than the full model data: this results in much faster data communications and enables the entire team to keep working simultaneously.
Another key element of this concept is the flexible reservation system. Individual model elements and other project-related data, like project attributes or views, can be reserved and released on the fly, allowing for a very dynamic and flexible workflow. There is no need to reserve large areas in the project prior to starting work. The user reserves only the elements he/she currently needs; elements can be easily released after the work is done.
Team communication is supported by a built-in, element- and task-based messaging system.
The BIMcloud/BIM Server Manager tool running in a standard web browser allows CAD managers to remotely manage projects, servers, users, roles and responsibilities across the entire firm. The Server Activities page of Server Manager provides detailed feedback about the current status of the server, helping the BIM manager to identify risk factors that may affect the server’s performance.
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