Evaluation of the Teamwork Technology

Effective: Users can work on the same project simultaneously, and if the model size is manageable, there is no need to divide it into multiple solo projects or hotlinks.
Organized: No overlapping workspaces; only one user can work on a given project element at one time. Team members have dedicated roles and rights.
Transparent: Team members can check the current status of the project at any time.
Easy: Collaboration techniques are very easy to learn. There is no need for extensive training.
Fast: Due to the revolutionary DELTA-serverTM technology, only the changed elements are exchanged between the client and the server. Average data package size shrinks by an order of magnitude, from megabytes to kilobytes. Because the amount of transferred data is relatively small, data transfer does not depend on the file size: you can work through any kind of network or the internet.
Flexible: Due to the on-demand element reservation system and fast data exchange, team members can access any element, at any time, regardless of the size of the firm or the complexity of the project.
Data Safety: The server becomes a dynamic component in the process. The intelligent server application doesn’t allow corrupted data to be merged. If the client’s data becomes damaged on the network, the server will filter it out, and will not merge the damaged data to the server database.
Offline Work: Users can create new elements or modify those belonging to their workspace even if there is no online connection between the BIMcloud/BIM Server and their local ARCHICAD. Once the online connection is established, they can send and receive changes again.
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