Evaluation of the Hotlinked File Method

The hotlink solution has advantages and disadvantages compared to the Teamwork method. The concept itself is easy to understand and can be used with any kind of project. It can be very effective when multiple instances of the same elements are used in a project (e.g. the rooms in a hotel). However, the hotlinked file method cannot solve the project coordination problems of an architectural firm, since the project owner doesn’t get any feedback about the kinds of changes made in the module files. The location and name of the source files are critical to project consistency, so this method requires active file management from the project team leader. Furthermore, if the project is complex, changing the hotlink file structure can be very difficult at a later stage of the design.
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Suggested Usage

Although hotlink modules can be used as an alternative to the Teamwork technology (e.g. different floors of a multi-story building ...