The GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud/BIM Server is an intelligent web-based application, which handles Teamwork projects, users, roles and rights and manages the data communication between the ARCHICAD clients and the server. One BIMcloud/BIM Server can support several simultaneous projects and users; however, you may want to set up several BIM Servers or a single BIMcloud within one office to increase the performance of data communication. BIMcloud/BIM Server can be managed remotely, so the CAD manager has central control over all BIMcloud/BIM Servers within the firm.
Note: GRAPHISOFT’s BIM Server, on the market since 2009, is recognized as the world’s leading BIM collaboration solution. Its single-server architecture is an advantage (simplicity) as well as a limitation (lack of scalability). BIM Server can be installed from your ARCHICAD DVD or from the web installer package.
GRAPHISOFT’s BIMcloud provides the ideal solution for complex company/project requirements where scaling, data security and advanced team and project management are mission critical. To install BIMcloud and acquire the necessary licenses, contact your local GRAPHISOFT provider.
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