Linking Property Objects to Element Criteria

To link Property Objects to criteria or change the previously assigned Property Object, click Link Property Object in the upper right of the dialog box while the criterion is highlighted in the list. This opens the Link Properties to Criteria > Link Properties dialog box.
The Choose Manually tab page lists available Property Objects in the active libraries in alphabetical order. The currently assigned Property Object is highlighted in the list. To see the components and descriptors of highlighted Property Objects, open the Property Preview section of the dialog window.
If you need help to find Property Objects in the active libraries, click on the Search by Keywords tab. Type the keywords in the appropriate text field and press Search to list the Property Objects that match the keywords.
Click Link button to confirm your selection.
Click Edit to open the highlighted Property Object
Click New to create a new Property Object.
In the Link Property Objects to Criteria dialog box, the two radio buttons give you a choice for how to interpret multiple criteria whose parameters partly coincide.
Enable Property Objects of all links means that both the Property Object assigned to a simpler criterion and the one assigned to a more specific criterion will be applied to matching elements. An example:
The simpler criterion includes only two parameters, wall Type and solid brick Fill, and the assigned Property Object is one whose components are bricks and mortar.
The more specific criterion includes three parameters of which two, wall Type and solid brick Fill, are identical with those of the simpler criterion. The third parameter is whitewash Material, and the assigned Property Object’s only component is plaster. In this case, the construction elements matching the more specific criterion will receive not only the plaster component but also the bricks and the mortar. Elements matching the simpler criterion only (non-plastered walls) will receive the bricks and the mortar but not the plaster.
If you choose Use more specific Criteria only, a match to a more specific criterion always overrides a match to a simpler one. Elements matching a certain criterion will only receive the Property Object linked to that particular parameter combination. In the above example, the elements matching the criterion with three parameters would receive the plaster component only.
Click Edit Criteria to open the Criteria Selector dialog box.
Save, load and rename or delete criteria sets using the commands from the pop-up list at the top right of the Criteria Selector dialog box. The list items activate the corresponding dialog boxes where you can perform the desired action.
The Copy Settings button is only active if a construction element is selected in the project. Click this button to set the parameter values to match those of the selected element.
Note: This action will also set the element type.
Click Apply to update the Criteria list.
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