Defining Components and Descriptors

Click the Components button in the left-hand side of the Library Part master window. This will display the Components controls on top of the window.
Click the New button to create a new Component line.
Type the desired values or strings into the Code, Name and Quantity text fields to define the corresponding attributes of the new component.
Use the Proportional With pop-up list to choose a reference quantity (Item, Length, Surface, Volume) for the component.
To define a special reference, choose Custom from the Proportional with pop-up list. This will make active the field that the ‘Proportional with’ header points to, on top of the headers. Enter any GDL expression using global and local variables.
You define Descriptors in much the same way. Click the Descriptors button to display the appropriate controls on top of the window.
Click the New button to create a new Descriptor line.
Type the desired value in the Code text field and the appropriate Short Text (first line) in the corresponding text field.
Click the Text button to open the Descriptor Full Text dialog box where you can give a longer description of the part, element or structure. This description may include technical parameters and specifications or other useful assembling or safety instructions.
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