List Types

Note: Add-On commands can also generate other list types.
Element Lists are best used for creating schedules and inventories, and to display the parameters of construction elements in a project.
1 including surfaces around openings with reveals and along reveal depth. “ref” stands for the reference line side of the wall and “other” for the side opposite the reference side of the wall.
2 all edges (top, bottom, both sides), including the edges of openings, except for some special edges of openings with reveals.
3 left and right side of the beam as defined by its orientation; left and right may be different when the beam is connected to a wall at a non-perpendicular angle.
Component Lists are generated when bills of materials, quantity takeoffs or price lists are required. These reports typically sum up and display component type properties; however, certain element parameters can also be listed.
Zone Lists are generally used to create room schedules and finish schedules. Zone Lists can include parameters of Zones and related construction elements. When related construction items are listed, the report is in fact an Element List where the range of calculated elements is limited by the Zones they belong to.
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