Properties & Parameters Tab Page

Use the Components and Descriptors pop-up lists to determine the combination of components and descriptors to be listed.
Choose All to include all related Components (or Descriptors) in the calculation.
Choose None to ignore Components (or Descriptors).
From Databases Only will include all properties (Components or Descriptors) residing in databases.
Object Specific Items Only will include only locally defined properties (those in regular library parts or Property Objects).
Custom Set From Databases Only opens the Select Descriptors and the Select Components dialog boxes, where you can define the set of properties to filter the report.
Custom Set & Object Specific Items is a combination of the second and third options.
All: All five components are listed.
None: Nothing is listed.
From Database Only: Only the first two components, linked to the database, are listed.
Object Specific Items Only: Only the last three components, which are local to this property object, are listed.
In the Global Element Parameters list, choose any of the common parameters of all element types, such as surface, volume, height, thickness or user ID.
The Extra Parameters lists those which are specific to the selected element type(s).
Under Library Parts’ Additional Parameters, the Select Additional Parameters dialog box allows you to select parameters by type and one-by-one.
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