List Format Tab Page

The third tab opens the List Format page. The controls in this page allow you to define the overall appearance of the report, and set the logical order of properties and parameters.
Choose one of the formatting alternatives: click Text List to display raw data, or Graphic Template to select a predefined list format template.
The following page appears when clicking Text List button from the List Format tab page.
Check the Show Column Headers checkbox if you want to print column headers in the report. Column headers will bear either the parameter name or a Custom Header. To create a Custom header, check the box next to the Parameter name you want to customize and type the desired header into the text field.
At Elements, the Each Item in Separate Row option creates an item by item list even for identical elements, while Group and Count Identical groups and counts up identical items as well as their parameters. For the difference, see the following reports:
At Components, the Unfold Components option lists the parameters of the components. Quantity Only will display quantities without units.
At Descriptors, the Unfold Descriptors will list all the Parameters, Keys and Codes of the Descriptors. Short Text only displays only the first line of the descriptor in the report.
Note: Text lists can be saved in plain text, tabbed text or HTML format. Text lists will only list the short text of Descriptors.
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