Graphic Template

This page appears when you click the Graphic Template radio button on top of the List Format tab page.
With a Graphic Template, you can either select a predefined list template from your Library, or use an embedded template layout (or a copy of it).
Click the Choose Template button to browse the library for list templates. Select the desired template file in the Open dialog box. Default templates can be found in the List Templates folder of the ARCHICAD Library.
If you use independent templates, ARCHICAD refers to the actual template file for the settings. If you check the Include in List Scheme checkbox, the template file will be archived in the listset.txt file (see above). When the box is checked, the template name appears in italic.
Note: Changing data order can result in inconsistent list content if the template contains fixed column headers.
List on separate level: List parameter types for each element
Use for Grouping/Total: add up parameter values in the report
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