Calculation Commands

The Element Lists, Component Lists and Zone Lists commands generate lists of different formats and complexity for the entire project or a particular element selection based on the instructions defined in the Setup List Schemes dialog box.
In Options > Work Environment > Model Rebuild Options, the Selected Elements to be Calculated pop-up menu offers three options for managing this situation.
If you choose the List All option, all the selected elements will be calculated in the list, even though they do not correspond to the filtering criteria.
If you choose the Use Filters option, the filters defined for the list template will be applied to the selected elements; elements that do not correspond to these criteria will be ignored.
If you choose the Show Alert option, a warning of conflict will appear. You will then be able to choose between the two options described above.
The sorting and analyzing of data, the calculation of required results and the formatting of reports are all done according to the selected List Scheme. List Schemes are predefined sets of instructions on how ARCHICAD should present the required results. List Scheme formats can be of two types:
Plain Text reports display calculation results in editable tabulated text format. The reports appear in text windows and can be saved as spreadsheets, text files or HTML files.
Graphic outputs allow for both alphanumeric and image information, including element symbol drawings, logos and other bitmaps. Graphic output reports can be saved as RTF List files or ARCHICAD Project files. It is also possible to copy all or part of these lists into any of the Drawings.
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