Server Name: By default, the BIMcloud will use the name of your computer. All server pop-ups will identify the BIMcloud by this name.
Master Administrator password: Create a secure password for the Master Administrator (masteradmin) user. This Master Administrator will always be able to log in with full access to all hosted data. In case you forget the password, you must reconfigure your BIMcloud and enter a new password.
Port: Select a free port, or use the Pick free port command to automatically find one.
Data folder: This is the BIMcloud Manager’s data storage folder.
Note: Projects will be stored in a different folder – as defined in the BIMcloud Server configuration wizard.
Click Next to go to the next configuration page.
You can find the Public Key of the BIMcloud Manager here. The install process automatically generates a new one (no need to generate a new one). Click Start BIMcloud Manager to start your server. After a successful start, the Configuration Wizard will continue in a browser. (If your browser does not open automatically, then use the following URL: http://localhost:PORT, where PORT is the port you entered on the first page.)
Note: Using a mail server is optional. However, if you don’t define a mail server here, you won’t be able to send emails (e.g. password reminders) to users from the BIMcloud.
Click Continue to finalize configuration.
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