Click Connect to new service to bring up the Details Panel. Steps to set up a connection:
Simplified management: Server administrator
Detailed management: Modify details
Name: Enter a name for this directory service for easier identification. You will see this name in the list of the directory services, and users/groups will reference the directory service by this name.
Server address: The address of the directory service
Port: Port of the directory service.
User (optional): Authenticate with this user during connection. No authentication is used when left empty.
Password (optional): Use this password for authentication.
Base DN (optional): An LDAP search criterion used to narrow down the imported users/ groups.
After you have entered the parameters, push the Test connection button. If you get any error message, correct the parameters and/or make sure the server address is accessible from the BIMcloud Manager computer.
Click the Preview button to see the result of the mapping and import. If you do not see the expected entries, then you must fine-tune the queries and mapping options.
User query: All items which will pass through this LDAP query will be handled as users
Group query: All items which will pass through this LDAP query will be handled as groups. Enter the names of the LDAP parameters to map them to the BIMcloud’s user parameters. All parameters are required unless marked as optional.
Group ID: unique ID for groups
Group name: Name of group
Members: comma-separated list of group members
User ID: unique ID for users
Login name: login name for the user
Parents: comma-separated list of parents
Full name: you can combine two LDAP parameters into a single user name (the second field is optional)
Email address: email address of user
Prefix for user/group names (optional): Prefix the name of all imported users and groups to avoid duplicate names
Click the Preview button to open a list and see the result of the Parameter mapping. If there is an error in the mapping process and some of the required fields remain empty, then those entries can’t be imported to the BIMcloud Manager. The rest of the items will be automatically imported during the first Synchronization.
Click Save to finalize the Directory Service connection settings.
In the Filter users section, click Edit, and switch the Filter to “Import selected users and groups.”
Click the Select users and groups button and mark the users and groups you wish to import.
Note: Only those users are listed here for which the parameter mapping created a valid result.
Click OK to close the selection dialog.
Click Save to store your changes.
Click the Sync button in the Filter users section to synchronize the directory service for the first time.
Remove them from BIMcloud: Removed users will be forced to leave their existing projects and all their unsent changes will be lost. (They can still save a Solo PLN from their local data folder on their local computer.)
Keep them as BIMcloud users: Removed users will be kept on the user list.
Select the Directory service from the list and click Disconnect. The above described confirmation dialog will appear again.
Simplified management: Server Administrator
Detailed management: Modify details for BIMcloud manager
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