Roles are a set of permissions, which describe what the owner of the role can do for specific element types or data types, both on the BIMcloud Manager or in ARCHICAD Teamwork projects. Thus, you can set up generic Roles and use them for any content type. Use the Access panel of the BIMcloud/BIM Server items to grant a permission set (Role) to someone (User or Group) for a certain item (the one currently selected in the Navigator.) Use the Roles page to view and modify roles and their permissions.
Simplified management: Project or Server administrator
Detailed management: View item permission (Traversing applies)
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The Navigator list view displays the Role root and the roles that it contains. The roles are shown in list view only. There are no ...


Available functions vary depending on what you have selected in the Navigator:   ...


Summary information is shown for each selected item from the Navigator (Root or Role). On the Role page the summary shows the name ...


Role Root Settings Role root has no settings, this panel is empty.