Restoring Project Data Using Backups

Backup files of both kinds (BIMproject backups and PLN backups) are saved to the Projects > Backups folder, at the location where you installed the BIMcloud Server/BIM Server.
As long as the BIMcloud/BIM Server is running, you can download these backup files to any other location of your choice, using the Download button in the Backups panel of the Projects page of the Manager interface.
BIMproject backups can be restored to a running BIMcloud/BIM Server. See these sections:
PLN backups can only be opened as solo ARCHICAD projects, then re-shared. See this section:
Click Rollback.
Overwrite this Project: The selected BIMproject backup copy will overwrite and replace the current project.
Create New Project from Backup: The selected BIMproject backup file will be created as a new, separate project.
Click Rollback, then OK.
Click Download.
Note: Since the BIMproject backup contains all user data and roles, you can resume working right away – no need to re-add users or re-define roles.
PLN backups can only be opened as solo ARCHICAD projects. You can use any version of ARCHICAD to open them. As soon as you gain access to a functioning BIMcloud/BIM Server, re-share this project and continue in Teamwork.
Click Download.
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