Note: Backups settings for Project root or Project folders are not available in BIM Server.
See Project Backup and Restore on how to use backups.
A backup can be of two kinds: BIM Project backups and PLN Project backups. Both types of project backups can be either automatically scheduled, or created manually at any time – for example, whenever the project reaches particular milestones.
Don’t Create: This backup type will not be created
Hourly: The backup will be created hourly, based on the below settings
Daily: The backup will be created at a set time each day
Enter the number of automatic backups to keep. (You must keep at least one copy.) With each additional automatic backup, the oldest stored backup will be deleted. Click Save to save changes. Backup settings for Project root are inherited by all child folders and projects. If you wish to override the default settings, define a local backup schedule for the selected item.
Note: Defining backup settings for a project root will not back up the contents of that folder. The only purpose of defining backup settings for a folder is to apply these backup settings to its child folders and to the projects they contain.
Note: Inheritance is not available in BIM Server.
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