Folder Panels

Name: Name of the selected folder
Default Host Server: This is the default host server for projects created in this folder. Different host servers must be set up for the different ARCHICAD versions.
Note: Default host server settings is not available in BIM Server.
By default, the Default Host server Settings pop-up inherits its value from its parent folders (or root). You can override these settings at this level or you can reset it to the default location while editing this section.
Select: Select the default host servers from the pop-up
Inherit: Use the host servers of the parent folder
Modify details for the selected item
Only those BIMcloud Servers appear in the default host server pop-up for which the current user has Modify hosted data permission
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Note: Backups settings for Project root are not available in BIM Server. See Project Backup and Restore on how to use ...


Activities will show all activities of all users across all projects located in the selected folder. See Activities ...


Note: Access panel for Project folder(s) are not available in BIM Server. See Access Panel.