BIM Server Manager Panels

Simplified management: Server Administrator
Version: program version of the BIM Server Manager
Warnings related to the BIM Server Manager
Name of the BIM Server. You will see this name in the top-left corner of the web interface. ARCHICAD users will see this name in the BIMcloud/BIM Server pop-ups.
Note: You cannot change the name of the BIM Server Manager module; it is fixed to ensure easier identification.
Primary address (required): This address uniquely identifies the server
Alternative addresses and lookup order (optional): ARCHICAD will select the most suitable one to connect
See Connection Settings to learn more about how to set up connections.
SMTP server: address of your SMTP server
Connection Security: Select the security level your server requires
From address: Emails will be sent using this email address
Server requires authentication: Check if a username and password are necessary to access the server
User: Authenticate as this user
Password: Use this password for the above user
Add new: Click this button to add a new field and enter its name.
Remove: Removes the field from here and from all users’ settings panels. Data entered into this field by users will be lost.
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Licenses Panel

Activate BIM Server License is free, must be activated with a GRAPHISOFT ID. Required management role to activate ...