Connection Settings

Primary address: This is the unique identification of the server, set up by the person installing the BIMcloud/BIM Server.
Alternative addresses: Predefined alternative addresses defined on the server, which can be used to connect to this server as well.
Local addresses: Alternative address entered by the user in ARCHICAD.
Automatic address: Automatic addresses are generated automatically based on the active address.
Fallback: ARCHICAD is not able to communicate with the BIMcloud Server, so it uses the BIMcloud/BIM Server Manager as a bridge to connect.
Lookup order: Priority-based list of all available addresses. ARCHICAD picks the active address from this list
Active address: The address currently used by ARCHICAD to connect to the BIMcloud Manager.
Automatic/Manual address selection: The method ARCHICAD uses to pick the Active address.
ARCHICAD uses the http://server-computer:1228 address to connect to the server
ARCHICAD will automatically use http://server-computer:1229 to connect to the Server/Module.
ARCHICAD will automatically use to connect to the Server/Module.
‘$protocol’: the protocol part of the url; in the above example, this is ‘http’ and ‘https
‘$host’: the address part of the url without the protocol and the port. In the above example, this is: ‘server-computer’ and ‘
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Connection steps

ARCHICAD goes through the following steps when it connects to a BIMcloud/BIM Server. Adding a new BIMcloud BIM Server ...

Best Practice

Setting up multiple alternative addresses on the BIMcloud/BIM Server ensures that: • ...


Use ARCHICAD’s built in Network Diagnostic tool to find and fix connection related errors. See the Network ...