Activities Panel

Activity Type: Choose a single activity type to display those only. (Or choose All types.) If there was a comment attached to the activity, then it will be displayed in the second line of this column.
Size: Filter the activities by the size of the data event. (Or choose All sizes.)
User: Choose a user from the list to display his/her activities only. (Or choose All users.)
Project: Choose a project from the list to display related activities only. (Or choose All projects.)
Range: Limit the displayed activities to the Last 50; or to activities in the last day or last hour only.
Search: Type any text to search for.
Load more/Load all: If the list does not contain all the possible elements, use the Load more or Load all buttons at the bottom to expand the list.
Click the Export activities button to download all displayed entries in CSV format into your browser’s download folder.
Servers: Server Administrator
Users, Projects: Project or Server administrator
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