PhotoRendering Settings Palette

The PhotoRendering Settings palette is accessible from Window > Palettes > PhotoRendering Settings.
Use the Settings view to adjust the parameters of your PhotoRendering Scene; parameters vary depending on the Engine you choose. You can save and manage your scenes in folders, so you can re-use them easily in subsequent renderings and export/import them among different projects.
The Size parameters will not be saved as part of the Rendering Scene. Thus, you will be able to use the scene in a variety of contexts, regardless of size.
A stored Scene includes all the parameters on the Settings view of the PhotoRendering Settings Palette. Note that this includes the Rendering engine (e.g. CineRender or Sketch). However, a Rendering’s output Size is not stored as part of the Scene.
Note: You cannot use a PhotoRendering Scene in any version of ARCHICAD earlier than ARCHICAD 18.
CineRender Engine: This renderer is based on Maxon Cinema 4D version R16 and incorporates most of the parameters of the Cinema4D renderer.
Note: Copyright MAXON Computer GmbH. All rights reserved. (Click the Info button to access additional information on this engine.)
Internal Rendering Engine: The Internal Engine (whose settings are analogous to the OpenGL engine) is suitable for producing draft-quality or simple renderings offering textured image surfaces, simple shadows and transparencies.
Sketch: This produces non-photorealistic renderings that replicate sketched lines – best suited for draft views in the early project stages.
If you choose a Paper size preset, you must also enter a Resolution value in dpi. The Size tab also displays the final image resolution.
Automatic refresh: To turn on automatic Preview refresh, choose this option from the pop-up
Manual refresh: just click the picture. A Preview that requires refreshing is shown with an update icon, and the Preview is grayed out.
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