Create BIMx Hyper-Model Using a Wizard

Use this method (File > Publish BIMx Hyper-model) to create a new Hyper-model Publisher Set or republish an existing one, using a wizard.
Use the File > Publish BIMx Hyper-model command.
In the appearing dialog box, choose Create new publishing set.
Choose a publishing method: Upload to BIMx Model Transfer Site or Save file.
Upload to BIMx Model Transfer Site will upload the file to the site at (You must register before using this site.)
Hyper-model name: Optionally, use this field to rename the Hyper-model.
Note: The Hyper-model will include the ARCHICAD Project Info and Project Preview data.
3D Content: Choose an option to filter the model’s 3D content:
As in the 3D Window: Use the current view
The Hide Objects and Keep Structural Elements only options limit the elements included in the 3D view, thus reducing file size. This may be important depending on the capacity of the mobile device to be used for viewing the BIMx Hyper-model.
Click Choose a Subset to select one Layout Book Subset.
Note: When using this wizard, you cannot add or remove individual Layouts to the new Publisher Set. To do that, you must use the Publisher-Organizer.
Click Options to open BIMx Export Options.
Click Next.
If you are uploading the BIMx Hyper-model:
If you are saving the BIMx Hyper-model:
Optionally, check Start BIMx after save to open the BIMx model in BIMx Desktop Viewer.
Click Publish.
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