Perspective Cameras allow you to view and edit the entire project or a selected part of it in the 3D Window and to create renderings that represent a snapshot of the current state of the project. They are defined by a viewpoint, a target point and an opening angle.
The Display Options of perspective Cameras can be set with a pop-up menu in the Path Options dialog box accessed from Camera Settings. You can hide the Cameras altogether, show the Cameras with or without the Path line and with or without the in-between frames.
When the 3D Window is active, you can modify Cameras with the Navigator and Navigator Preview palettes (click the desired Camera from the list in the Navigator, then modify it in the Navigator Preview). You can also modify the settings of placed cameras by changing the 3D view with the navigation commands, then using the 3D Navigation Extras commands to adjust the placed cameras to the new viewpoints.
When you have made your choices in the Camera Settings dialog box, you are ready to place Cameras on the Floor Plan.
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