Graphic Override Combinations

Go to Document > Graphic Overrides, where the current Combination is checked in the list.
To manage these settings, use the Graphic Override Combinations dialog box at Document > Graphic Overrides > Graphic Override Combinations.
Click New to create a new Graphic Override Combination and assign Rules to it.
The right side contains the Name of the Graphic Override Combination.
Add, Remove or change the order the Rules as needed. (See Order of Rules, below.)
Select the Rule, then click the Edit Rule button at the end of the row
Click the Edit Rules button at the bottom of the dialog box
Remember that an element will be affected by all the Rules which are not in conflict. For example, all elements have an empty fill, and all walls use a red pen: both are applied to all the walls.
Note that Rules applied by Renovation Filter is at the bottom of the list (lowest priority), and its position in the Graphic Override Combination cannot be changed.
In the Graphic Override Combinations, select a Combination listed on the left; click OK to close the dialog box
Choose a Combination from Document > Graphic Overrides menu
Click Export to export the selected Graphic Override Combination as an .xml file to the desired location.
To use it in any other ARCHICAD project, open the project and click Import from the same dialog box to browse for an .xml file to import as a Graphic Override Combination.
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