Define Horizontal/Vertical Range of Section Viewpoint

Note: This process is identical for Elevations.
An infinite Horizontal Range shows the full extent of the visible model from the Section line.
A limited Horizontal range shows the model between the Section line and its limit, which is placed automatically. Once it is placed, you can select the limit line and move it, if necessary.
A zero-depth range shows only the parts of the model cut by the Section line, at the cut location only. (For Elevations, there is no “zero depth” option.)
A Section with an infinite Vertical Range shows all stories of the model.
If you choose limited Vertical Range, enter the elevation values corresponding to the vertical range of the model you wish to include in the Section.
Note: An optional “distant” area of your Section viewpoint, with separate colors/effects, is created if you check the Marked Distant Area box in the Model Display panel of Section Settings. The Distant Area limit line is then displayed as part of your Section.
To change these line types/colors, use the control in Options > Work Environment > On-Screen Options.
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