Assign Section Status

Note: The process for assigning a status is identical for Sections, Elevations and Interior Elevations. 3D Document status can be either Auto-rebuild or Manual Rebuild, but not Drawing.
When creating each new Section, you assign it a status in the General panel of Section Settings. A Section can have one of three statuses: Auto-rebuild Model, Manual-rebuild Model, and Drawing.
In the two Model statuses (Auto-rebuild and Manual-rebuild), the window consists of construction elements; any changes made in a Model Section window can be updated in the Floor Plan window, as well as in the 3D window and in other Section windows, and vice versa.
In a Section of Drawing status, construction elements are decomposed into 2D fills, arcs and lines. Changes made in this kind of window are not updated in other windows. You can, however, update the drawing to reflect recent changes made to the model.
Note: Clearing a construction element from a Section Window of model status (either Autorebuild or Manual-rebuild) will also clear it from both the Floor Plan and the 3D model.
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