About Sections

a source marker, which generates a section viewpoint
a linked marker, which does not generate a section viewpoint, but acts as a reference to any other view, viewpoint or drawing.
an unlinked marker containing custom text
Note: An easy way to distinguish between source-type and linked/unlinked markers is to use the “Highlight Source Markers” toggle at View > On-Screen View Options.
Note: It is possible to create an Independent Section (with or without a marker), without using the Section tool.
To generate a Section, you draw a Section line on the Floor Plan and place a Section source marker, which generates a new viewpoint in ARCHICAD. You can set this marker to display a variety of reference information – such as the first drawing that is created out of this Section viewpoint – for easy navigation and identification.
Elements in the Section viewpoint depend on the Section Status, defined in Section Settings.
A Model Section contains editable construction elements linked and updated with their counterparts on the Floor Plan, as well as any 2D elements.
A Drawing Section contains drawing primitives, which are not linked to the Floor Plan and do not reflect its changes.
In the Section window, you can view and modify elements but you cannot create new construction elements. (The only exception is if you use the “Drag a copy” or Multiply command.) If you paste an element into a Section window, it will be reproduced as drawing primitives (points, lines, fills).
To place a linked Section marker, use the Section tool in any of the following windows: Floor Plan, Section, Elevation, Interior Elevation, Detail, Worksheet. You can link it to any viewpoint, view or drawing in the project. A linked marker is for reference purposes only.
An unlinked marker can be useful in your published documentation, for example, if you want to refer (with a page number) to the location of an external drawing that is not integrated into the ARCHICAD project.
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