Check Markers Palette

from Window > Palettes > Check Markers
by clicking the Check Markers command on the Layouts and Drawings toolbar
To list undefined marker references, click the Check Markers button at the top of the palette.
The palette lists all the markers in the project which the user has automatically or manually linked a viewpoint, drawing or view, but whose referred viewpoint/drawing/view has since been deleted from this project. (In this case, the marker will display Autotext in place of the missing data.)
Placed to: ID and name of the viewpoint in which the marker is placed.
Selected item: Name and ID of the marker’s referenced item (i.e. the viewpoint/view/drawing one you chose when defining the marker reference). If this referenced item has been deleted from the project, this column will show “N/A”.
Approve: Editable checkbox for each marker.
For each problematic marker listed (or multiple selected markers), the user can click Marker Settings to re-link the marker(s) or otherwise modify them.
The user may decide that the marker is OK the way it is (even though it continues to display undefined Autotext). In this case, the Approve checkbox can be used as a sorting criterion; check the box for these markers. (For example, if you know that the undefined Autotext refers to an external project that has not yet been loaded.)
Otherwise, use the List all items option.
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