Roof/Shell Edge Listing Parameters

Roof edge type classifications are assigned in Custom Edge Settings. When ARCHICAD logically “splits” a Multi-plane Roof into separate planes (for listing purposes only), ARCHICAD automatically assigns an Edge type classification where it can be inferred, as in the illustration below (e.g. where two planes are joined in a Ridge, Valley or Hip, or when the classification is otherwise obvious: as in Eaves or Gable).
All Shell edge type classifications must be assigned manually in Custom Edge Settings (by default, every Shell edge is “Undefined”).
If a Roof or Shell edge is classified as Ridge, Hip, Valley, Dome or Hollow, the edge lengths are listed at half their actual value. (These edge types are assumed to have a “pair”, and the two together constitute a single length.) If all the involved Roof planes are listed (as with Multi-plane Roofs), and all involved Shells are listed, the total lengths of these parameters will be correct.
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