About Schedules

ARCHICAD’s Interactive Schedule function allows you to generate schedules. Unlike simple lists created with the commands of the Document > Schedules and Lists menu, the Interactive Schedule not only displays quantities and other parameters – you can actually edit it. This makes it possible to notice and correct inconsistencies resulting from a data entry error or from the merging of the work of several people on different parts of the same project.
You can access Schedules from either the Navigator palette or the Document > Schedules and Lists > Schedules sub-menu. Click the name of a defined Schedule to open the Interactive Schedule window and update its contents.
Element Lists show characteristics of basic construction elements
Component Lists are optimized to list information about each component of composite, profile or basic elements: walls, slabs, roofs, morphs, meshes, and/or multi-component profile elements).
Surface Lists list elements by their exposed surfaces.
The content of the Schedule is based on Schedule Scheme Settings. To adjust these, you can directly access this dialog box by clicking the Scheme Settings button at top right.
The units of the listed values are set as follows:
That is, an editable value (such as wall height) is shown on the Interactive Schedule in the units defined in Project Preferences.
A calculated value (such as wall volume) is listed in the Interactive Schedule using the units defined in Calculation Units.
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