3D Navigation Extras

Other controls useful in modifying the 3D view are available from the View > 3D Navigation Extras (or a toolbar containing 3D window commands). These controls allow you to:
Switch to a view perpendicular to a given point (Look to Perpendicular of Clicked Surface).
Edit pre-set projections and Add current projection: These commands are available if you are viewing an axonometric (parallel) projection.
Put a camera into the path (for perspectives). This command adds the current perspective to the Project Map, if no camera is selected on the Floor Plan. If you have cameras on the Floor Plan already that define an animation path, the new camera will be added after the active camera in the active path, which is marked by its view cone on the Floor Plan.
Note: As you use these commands to change the camera selection, the selected item in the Navigator Project Map also changes accordingly.
Go to the previous/Go to the next: Use these commands to navigate to the perspective views of the previous and next cameras in the active path, and to select the camera.
Modify the selected: The selected camera will be updated to reflect the perspective view that you currently see in the 3D window. Use this when you have changed the view in the 3D window.
Revert view to the selected: Discards all changes you made manually and shows the 3D model as the selected camera sees it.
Insert a new camera after the selected one: A new camera is added to the path to define the current perspective view, and will be selected.
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