3D Window

In the 3D window, you can directly edit your model, and create new construction elements, in either perspective or parallel view, using any of the construction tools.
The 3D window is directly linked to the Floor Plan and to the Section/Elevation/IE windows: any changes made on the Floor Plan or in a Section/Elevation/IE window will be visible in the 3D window and vice versa.
3D Documents can be derived from either a 3D Window source or the Floor Plan. If you change the projection, the cutting planes, the zoom level or the selected/marqueed/filtered items of the 3D source window, you can redefine the 3D Document accordingly.
Special navigation techniques in the 3D Window let you explore the model much more freely than in other windows.
The 3D display of individual construction elements is controlled by the options of the Model panel in their Settings Dialog box.
The commands that affect the set of elements displayed in 3D are in the View > Elements in 3D View and the View > 3D View Options hierarchical menus.
press the F3 key
use the Window > 3D Window command
press the 3D window control on the 3D Visualization toolbar or the Mini-Navigator toolbar
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