Worksheet Tool Settings

Reference ID: This editable field contains the ID of the generated Worksheet viewpoint. The ID serves to identify the Worksheet in the project window and in the Navigator.
Name: Enter a Name for the Worksheet Drawing if desired. This name appears in the Navigator palette and the title bar of the Worksheet window.
Note: If you place a Linked or Independent marker that does not generate a viewpoint, the ID/Name fields are gray.
If you choose Create New Worksheet Viewpoint:
the Worksheet viewpoint
the first placed drawing of the Worksheet viewpoint
If you choose Place Linked Marker:
a selected viewpoint
a selected drawing
If you choose Place Unlinked Marker:
Reference to: shows the path (location in the Navigator hierarchy) of the chosen reference item.
Copy construction elements only: If this box is checked, only 2D lines/fills and construction elements from the model view will be exploded and copied into the Worksheet viewpoint (without dimensions/annotations).
To redefine the Marker information: Choose from among the pop-up choices, or click the Browse button to select the viewpoint/view/drawing whose information you wish to display in the Marker. The available choices vary depending on the Marker status (Source Marker, Linked Marker or Unlinked Marker).
Select Marker Type pop-up: Select a parametric Worksheet marker from this list.
Marker formatting: Choose a pencolor, penweight, font, font encoding, text size, height, and text style to format the marker.
Use Symbol Colors: Check this box to ignore Pencolor setting above and use Pencolor used when the element’s 2D symbol was created.
Marker Angle: Use these radio buttons to set the desired Marker angle: either horizontal (default), or custom (enter the desired placement angle.)
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