Stair Tool Settings

The panels of the Stair Tool Settings dialog box are similar to those of other Library Part elements.
These settings apply to stair objects placed directly from the Stair Settings dialog box, similarly to other objects.
2D Symbol Types: Choose one of the available 2D Symbol types using the sketches for assistance. The range of choices depends on whether you have chosen “Scale Sensitive” or “Custom” as the 2D Detail Level option.
In the next tab page, choose 2D Symbol Attributes for the chosen 2D Symbol:
The Visible Structure is the part of the Stair below the Break Mark. The Invisible Structure is the part of the Stair above the Break Mark, or any part of the structure that is hidden.
The Up & Down, Numbering tab page provides options for placing standard textual items on your stair:
Set the Orientation to Readable if you want texts to be readable from the bottom and from the right, independent of the Stair’s position.
Show Numbering will number all the treads in the stair. You can set the number with which to start the numbering, as well as text size and pen.
Up and Down Text gives you the option of displaying the words “Up” or “Down” at the beginning of the walking line.
If you check Rise and Run Text, the Stair will display the number of Rises and the number of Treads together with their dimensions. Use the Format parameter to choose between different standards to display Rise and Run Text. Choose Custom Text to enter any text. Enter Text Size and Text Pen for the Rise and Run Text.
The Description option allows you to place any text along with the Stair.
The next tab page, Rail and Carriage on Symbol, allows you to turn the symbolic display of railings and carriages on and off. With railings, you can display the rail axis in addition to or instead of the railing.
The Story Sensitivity and 2D Above Home Story tab page controls the appearance of the stair on stories above and below the stair’s Home Story.
Note: Stairs are shown on remote stories according to the options set in the Show on Stories control, in the Floor Plan and Section panel of this dialog box. If this control is set to “Home Story Only,” then the options affecting the stair’s Story Sensitive display are irrelevant.
Story Sensitive Symbol: Check this box if you want to set different display options for the stair on remote stories. (If this box is unchecked, then the stair appears on all stories in a uniform manner.)
2D Above Home Story: Check the boxes to determine which parts of the Stair should be displayed on stories above its Home Story:
Choose a Line Type, Line Pen and Walking Line Type to set the appearance of the Stair’s lines on stories above its Home Story.
On the Section Attributes page, you will set separate parameters for the stair base and for the tread.
Floor Plan and Section panel of Stairs are quite similar to those presented for Objects.
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