Settings of Library Part Elements

From the browser Settings pop-up, use Tree View Above or Tree View on Left to change this preference
Library View (chair icon). Displays Library Parts in a hierarchical structure. (See Settings in Library View, below.)
Favorite View (star icon). Displays only the Favorites for this tool. (See Settings in Favorites View, below.)
Note: In List view, you can sort the contents alphabetically by Name, by clicking the Name header.
Click any library part in the in the browser area to see its settings on the right side of the dialog box
Click and hold to switch between folder view (the default) and subtype view:
Click Search for Name to start a search using the Library Part name
Use Share Object to share the object on BIM Components
Use Show in Library Manager to see this library part in the context of its library hierarchy in Library Manager
Use the command icons at bottom left to access the following commands:
Note: Some of these commands are also available from the pop-up in the Library Part’s Info Box.
Note: To switch on the fly between the 3D and 2D preview of any Favorite, hover your cursor over the preview and click Shift.
Redefine Favorite: Click to redefine this Favorite based on the currently active settings (those in the right-hand side of the Object Settings dialog box)
Delete Favorite: A warning appears to confirm the delete.
Use the New Favorite command at the bottom of Library Part Settings (Favorites view) to store a new Favorite, using the current default Library Part Settings:
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