Other Panels in Door/Window Settings

The Dimension Marker panel features the customizable Dimensioning options of the Window and Door tools.
The dimension units of Door/Window markers, and the dimension units of sill heights displayed in Door/Window markers, can be customized in Options > Project Preferences > Dimensions.
Pencolor/Penweight: Type a Pencolor/Penweight number (1-255) for the marker line pen.
Height: Enter the height of the Marker here.
Use Symbol colors: Check this box to ignore Pencolor setting above and use pencolor used when the element’s 2D symbol was created.
Subfloor Thickness: Use this control if you want the Door/Window marker to indicate a sill height value which takes into account the height difference (if any) between the floor level and the bottom of the wall (for example, due to carpeting or parquet flooring). This value will then be calculated as part of the sill value shown in the Door/Window marker.
Font Type: Click this pop-up field to select a font type.
Font Script: Click this pop-up field to select a font encoding.
Font Size: Enter a font size.
Text Format: If desired, check the Bold, Italic, or Underline boxes to format the dimension text accordingly. (To apply a variety of formats to texts in a single marker, turn off the Uniform Text Format parameter.)
The Marker Settings panel may contain options for the dimension marker if a user interface was created for it. This panel contains the same settings as the parameter list on the Dimension Marker panel, but in graphical format.
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