Object Tool Settings

The Object tool is used to place object type library parts into the project.
The left-hand browser area of the Object Settings dialog box is similar to those of other Library Part elements.
In Object Tool settings, you can access a wide variety of objects that are not part of a dedicated subtype. These objects are divided into three main folders: Basic Library; Visualization Objects; and Add-On Library, and several sub-folders. As you can see by the folder names, the Basic Library contains all kinds of Furnishings (Beds; Chairs; Office Equipment, etc.); Decorations (such as clocks and vases); Health/Recreation items (such as a piano, a billiard table, a TV). Additional folders contain Building Structures (such as fences and moldings); Special Constructions (such as fireplaces and shutters); Mechanical Elements (such as air conditioners and elevators); and 2D Elements (such as electric and graphic symbols.)
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