Line Tool Settings

The Uniform Settings for Line Tools checkbox allows you to apply the settings made in this dialog box to all line-type tools: Line, Arc/Circle, Spline, Polyline.
Favorites of any of the four Line-type tools (Line, Arc, Polyline, Spline) can be applied to any of the other Line-type elements.
The General Settings panel is similar to those of the Line, Arc/Circle, Polyline and Spline tools.
Select a Line type from the pop-up selection palette.
Type a Pen number (1-255) for the Line/Arc/Polyline/Spline.
Click the color for a Pencolor selection palette for the Line/Arc/Polyline/Spline.
Check the Zone Boundary box to allow lines to delimit Zones when using the automatic recognition methods of the Zone tool.
Use the Arrowhead icons to choose a Line with no arrowheads, or a Line with an arrowhead at start, at end or at both ends.
Click the Arrowhead pop-up icon for selection of marker types.
The Line Categories and Properties panel is identical for the Line, Arc/Circle, Polyline and Spline tools.
Line Category: Assign a category to a selected line. You can then use line categories to fine-tune display options and export settings for lines depending on their category.
Drafting line: Simple 2D drafting line. Lines drawn with the Line tool will be in this category by default.
Cut line: Contour line of a 3D element on a cutting plane.
Note: You can choose to display Cut lines in boldface: In View > On-Screen View Options enable the Bold Cut Lines option.
Skin Separator Line: Separator line between skins of composite structures, including walls, columns, slabs and roofs.
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