Fill Tool Settings

Note: You can override the Fill Background Color via Graphic Override Rules (Document > Graphic Overrides).
Note: Vectorial hatching is displayed only if you have switched to in View > On-Screen View Options > Vectorial Hatching.
If you choose Project Origin, the pattern will start at the Origin and the part of the pattern that falls within the Fill’s boundary will be displayed.
If you choose Fill Origin, then after you draw the fill polygon, the fill handle icon appears. Use this to draw the desired fill orientation vector. Then click to place the vectorial fill.
If you choose Use Distorted Fill, the fill will include two fill handles that can be manipulated to achieve a “distorted” effect to simulate the real geometric situation of the fill components.
A fourth option is the Radial Distorted Fill construction method, with which you can graphically adjust the vector’s radial distortion. This is available only for a selected symbol Fill and only if:
the skin’s Fill Orientation was defined as Fit to Skin in the Composite Structures dialog box; and
Note: The use of many radial distorted fills in your project may decrease project performance.
Note: The format of Area Text and any associated Pointer line is defined in the Dimension Text Settings dialog box.
Check the Subtract from Zones checkbox to subtract default or selected Fill elements from the Zones.
Type a number (1-100) in the percentage field to define the percentage of the Fill element’s area that you want to subtract from the Zones in percentage.
ID: Type an ID in this box for tracking this element in Quantity Calculations.
If a number is included anywhere in the ID, ARCHICAD will add one to this number for each new element drawn, provided that the Assign New Element ID to Each New Element checkbox is enabled in the Options > Work Environment > More Options dialog box. Each new element will have a unique ID.
Note: All construction elements also have a globally unique, automatically generated ID which is conserved throughout the life of the Project. You can use this identifier for labeling or in lists.
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