Door/Window Preview and Positioning Panel

Width: Enter Width of the opening here.
Height: Enter Height of the opening here.
Note: These Width/Height values are the window’s Nominal Size values, which can also be entered in the Graphical Interface Panel’s Nominal Sizes and Tolerance panel.
Sill/Header Value: Enter the height of the Door or Window Sill or Header from the chosen reference point.
Reveal: Enter the depth of the Door/Window Reveal, if any.
Anchor the Reveal to either the Wall face or the Wall core (the closest core skin, if there are several core skins). This is relevant if you are using a composite Wall.
Note: The Reveal value, on the Preview and Positioning Panel, is the same as the Reveal Depth value on the Reveal tab page of the Custom Settings panel of Door/Window Settings.
The Flip button switches the opening direction of a selected door/window from one side to the other, while keeping the frame in place. (This button is also available in the Info Box).
Anchor Point: This control affects the method used to place a new Window/Door. Choose either side or the Center as your preferred geometry method for placing the Door/Window.
Opening Plane: This control is relevant if your door/window is placed into a slanted wall.
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