Dimension Text Settings

To open the Dimension Text Settings dialog box, you must first select the Dimension Text item (not the entire Dimension line).
Use the Quick Selection cursor
Note: To select a Fill Area text, make sure you have enabled Textbox handles at View > On-Screen View Options.
click the Text icon in the Info Box
click the Edit > Dimension Text Settings command. (This command is only available when a Dimension Text is selected.)
Note: For Level Dimensions, the <toPZValue> Autotext item is shown, representing “Project Zero” as the dimension origin.
Note: To define your project’s reference levels, use Options > Project Preferences > Reference Levels.
Use the Start/Finish Superscript Autotext if you want the Custom text to include superscript text; click this option to insert a caret before the superscript text, and click it again (or insert a line break) to finish the superscript with a second caret.
Note: If your dimension’s Measured Value already includes a superscript – because you are using Extra Accuracy defined in Options > Project Preferences > Dimensions – then add a space before inserting the Start Superscript caret. Otherwise, the caret itself will appear in the dimension text.
The Displayed Value field shows you what the dimension text will look like on screen.
To undo changes of all modified dimension text items at once, go to Document > Annotation and click the Revert All Custom Text to Measured Value command.
See Dimension Text Settings for information on editing style and font type of dimension text.
The Settings panel lets you set the font size, style, angle, and orientation of the selected dimension text.
Note: Favorites of the Text tool can be applied to the text-type items in Dimensions and Labels, and to Fill Text.
Font: Select a font for the Dimension Text.
Text Script: Click this pop-up field to select a font encoding for the Dimension Text.
Text Height: Enter a font size for the Dimension Text here.
Note: Fractional sizes are allowed, but may be rounded.
Text Format: If desired, check the Bold, Italic, or Underline boxes to format the dimension text accordingly.
Text Rotation Angle: Enter an angle for the text rotation, if any.
Relative to Orientation (the angle will be measured relative to the Oriented View)
Absolute to Coordinate System (the angle will be measured from the (0,0) point of the project coordinates)
The Always Readable option (on by default) means that the program will automatically “flip” the text to make it legible on screen (as opposed to upside down) regardless of the view’s orientation. This automatic “flip” occurs if the text is at an angle between 90 and 270 degrees.
Anchor: Relevant for multi-line dimension texts that are placed at the dimension line. Choose to anchor either the First row or Last row of text to the dimension line.
Alignment: Choose either Left, Right, Center or Justify to align the text in the text box.
Opaque: Check this box to set a background color for your dimension text block and activate the pencolor selection settings at right: open the pop-up menu to choose a color. The pen of this Fill may also be set to 0 (Transparent) or -1 (Window Background). Henceforth your text editor will also have this background color.
Frame: Check this box if you want the dimension text block frame to be visible. Checking the box activates the pencolor selection settings at right: open the pop-up palette to choose a color for the frame.
To reset the position of a selected text item, check the Revert to Automatic Position box at the bottom of the dialog box.
Click the Pointer button to assign a pointer line and activate the rest of the settings on this panel:
Define a Line type and Pencolor for the Pointer.
Enter the Pointer Starting Angle (the default is 90 degrees). Click the lock icon to prevent the angle from being modified graphically (e.g. by accident).
Note: The Lock Angle control affects the range of graphical editing. If it is ON, the Pointer Line’s starting angle remains fixed, limiting the edit possibilities.
Hide Arrowhead from: Check this box if you want to hide the pointer line arrowheads on views which exceed a certain scale (enter the desired scale in the field to the right).
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