Detail Tool Settings

Reference ID: This editable field contains the ID of the generated Detail viewpoint. The ID serves to identify the Detail in the project window and in the Navigator.
Name: Enter a Name for the Detail Drawing if desired. This name appears in the Navigator palette and the title bar of the Detail window.
Note: If you place a Linked or Independent marker that does not generate a viewpoint, the ID/Name fields are gray.
If you choose Create New Detail Viewpoint:
the Detail viewpoint
the first placed drawing of the Detail viewpoint
If you choose Place Linked Marker:
a selected viewpoint
a selected drawing
If you choose Place Unlinked Marker:
Reference to: shows the path (location in the Navigator hierarchy) of the chosen reference item.
Copy construction elements only: If this box is checked, only 2D lines/fills and construction elements from the model view will be exploded and copied into the Detail viewpoint (without dimensions/annotations).
To redefine the Marker information: Choose from among the pop-up choices, or click the Browse button to select the viewpoint/view/drawing whose information you wish to display in the Marker. The available choices vary depending on the Marker status (Source Marker, Linked Marker or Unlinked Marker).
Select Marker Type pop-up: Select a parametric detail marker from this list.
Marker formatting: Choose a pencolor, penweight, font, font encoding, text size, height, and text style to format the marker.
Use Symbol Colors: Check this box to ignore Pencolor setting above and use Pencolor used when the element’s 2D symbol was created.
Marker Angle: Use these radio buttons to set the desired Marker angle: either horizontal (default), or custom (enter the desired placement angle.)
The Marker Head panel contains controls for the Detail Marker’s 2D Symbol.
Note that changes made to the Marker information (First Text Row/Second Text Row) are previewed in the Marker panel above.
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