Wall Closure

Closure Settings (if you choose to use a Wall Closure); and
Turn Plaster settings, which are independent of whether you are using a Wall Closure type.
Turn Skin on Side: Choose whether the wall skins should be turned in on the right, the left or on both sides of the opening.
Choose the Number of Skins to Turn, starting from either the Outside face or Inside face of the wall. (Switch this preference using the Number from pop-up.)
Profile Width: This parameter is available for the prefabricated cavity closure. Enter a width for the closure element.
Note: Such a skin (the turned plaster skin) will be turned outside the wall contour defined in Reveal Settings.
Note: You cannot use both Casing and Turn Plaster options at the same time.
Use Wall Finish Component: the component of the composite wall that is defined as “Finish” will be considered plaster.
Plaster Thickness Limit: Define the Plaster skin by a given thickness – e.g., all skins up to 40 mm thick will be considered plaster.
either Automatically (all skins defined as plaster under the Plaster Skin Definition above will turn), or
the specified Number of Skins to Turn.
First, under Select Skin to Edit, choose whether you want the closure on the left jamb, right jamb or both.
On the right side, check Turn-in Skin if you want the currently edited skin to be turned in (wrapped); then set the rest of the options (thickness, hatch orientation, separating line pen) for the selected skin as needed.
Check Consider Skin as Plaster if you want the skin to behave as plaster: that is, it will turn in along the wall opening as defined by the reveal.
Note: If the wall skin is defined as “Core”, it cannot be considered plaster, and this checkbox will have no effect.
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